Scratch depends on volunteer translators from all over the world to contribute translations. If Scratch is not yet available in your language you can help. Many languages are already in the process of being translated. You can help with one of those by signing up on our translation service Transifex (you must be at least 14). Instructions for signing up are below. If your language is not already being worked on we recommend that you try to find a few other people who would be willing to help translate. To start on a new language there need to be at least 2-3 translators, and 1-2 reviewers.

Getting Started as a Translator

1. Join our translation platform. The Scratch program and website are translated using the Transifex service. It lets registered translators suggest and edit the translations. To translate part of Scratch interface or website, you have to sign up for a free Translator account at Transifex. This Translate Scratch guide can help you get started.
Once signed up you can return to the Scratch Editor project, and click the "Help Translate..." button to join the Scratch Translators team on Transifex. Once you're on the team you'll be able to translate all the Scratch Projects including the Scratch Website, Legacy and Videos in addition to the Editor.
 You can find more information on this page:

2. Join our Slack Community for translators. We set this up to allow volunteers to connect with others translating Scratch.