It is helpful to have some translators who focus on translating new content, and other translators who focus on reviewing translations. Generally reviewers should be translators who also use Scratch with young people, such as an educator. To apply to be a reviewer, please complete this short questionnaire.

In translations reviewers should be looking for:

  • Appropriate translation: does it have the correct meaning, and is it appropriate for young people (e.g. a 12 year old), please avoid very technical jargon
  • Spelling mistakes and inconsistent capitalization or punctuation.
  • Placeholders are not translated: in a message like 'See the {helpLink} for more information.' the part inside '{...}' should not be translated.

Reviewers should not review their own translations: If you make corrections to a translation mark it reviewed, but if you translate an untranslated string, leave it unreviewed for one of the other reviewers to check. 

We also encourage reviewers to join our Slack Community. It can be helpful to be able to discuss tricky translations with people translating to other languages.