The online version of Scratch should run on most browsers and operating systems.  That being said, the Scratch Team only maintains Scratch to ensure that it runs well on the following browsers: 


  • Chrome (63+)
  • Edge (15+)
  • Firefox (57+)
  • Safari (11+)

Internet Explorer is NOT supported.


  • Mobile Chrome (63+)
  • Mobile Safari (11+)

Using any other operating system and/or browser may result in undesirable behavior that the Scratch Team will not be able to troubleshoot for you.

As for the offline versions of Scratch, the Scratch Team only maintains the versions of Scratch for download that can be found on our download page, However, there is a version of Scratch maintained by the Raspberry Pi foundation for Raspbian. We also have the Scratch 2 app ( and Scratch 1.4 app ( available to download.