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Here are a couple of things to know about usernames on Scratch:

  • Scratchers can't change their own usernames

  • The Scratch Team can, in very rare circumstances, offer username changes. This is not typical.

Here a couple of common reasons people reach out for a username change that do not qualify for a change:

  • You don't like your username

  • You've misspelled something in your username

  • You want your username to match what you use on other sites/profiles

  • Your username reminds you of something or someone that you don’t like

  • Your username no longer matches your interests

  • Your username is the same as or similar to a public figure

If you don't qualify for a username change, you're welcome to create a new account with your preferred username. We know it can be frustrating to lose your followers or the loves/favorites on your projects when you create a new account, but you can always leave comments on your old account letting your friends know where to find you.

If you think you might qualify for a username change, you can reach out to us with your request through the Contact Us form.