When a Scratcher makes a copy of someone else’s project and modifies it to add their own ideas (for example, by changing scripts or costumes), the resulting project is called a "remix". Every project shared to the Scratch website can be remixed. We consider even a minor change to be a valid remix, as long as credit is given to the original project creator and others who made significant contributions to the remix.

We believe that remixing other people’s projects is a great way to learn to program and to create interesting projects. Through remixing, creative ideas spread through the Scratch community, and everyone benefits. All projects shared on the Scratch website are covered by the “Creative Commons Share Alike” license, which means that you can remix any project you see on the Scratch website -- and everyone else can remix any of the projects that you share on the website.

Remixing is an important part of the Scratch community. If you don’t want others to view or remix your creations, you can still create projects on the Scratch website, but don’t share them on the website.