You can access help for making projects in Scratch in several ways.

The Scratch Ideas page lists a variety of resources that can help you in creating projects.

Tutorials: Inside the Scratch project editor, click the "Tutorials" button for tips on how to make animations, games, and more. You can also find tutorials created by other Scratchers by typing in the Search bar.

Discussion Forums: There are many friendly Scratchers eager to help. You can post a question in the Help with Scripts forum or in Questions about Scratch forum.

We recommend sharing your project (even if it's a work-in-progress), and type your question in your Project Notes. That way others can see and offer suggestions.

Scratch Cards: On the Scratch Ideas page, you can download Scratch Cards with lots of tips for creating with Scratch.

We hope you find these resources helpful—and that as you learn, you'll also help others!