This article is designed to assist organizations who have been granted trusted flagger status by an EU Member State Digital Services Coordinator (“Trusted Flagger”).

If you are a representative of a Trusted Flagger, use the following email address to report illegal content: When contacting Scratch please be sure to include legally required information, including:

  • Your first and last name

  • The name of the Trusted Flagger organization you are acting on behalf of 

  • An email address where Scratch can contact you

  • Clear information that is sufficient for Scratch to locate the illegal content concerned, such as one or more exact URLs and any additional information which would identify the material.

Once your email has been sent, if you are a Trusted Flagger acting within your designated area of expertise, your request will be treated with priority. If you are not a Trusted Flagger, your email will not be responded to.

If you are not a Trusted Flagger and are trying to report inappropriate content, we appreciate your help in keeping Scratch safe. You can use the 'report' link to report any user's profile, comment, project, or studio that is disrespectful or inappropriate for Scratch. This action alerts our moderators so they will take action to review the material.