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I want my deleted account back. Can you restore it?
Unfortunately, once an account has been deleted by the owner it is no longer able to be restored. You are welcome to create a new account if you would like!
Wed, 6 май, 2020 в 9:58 AM
Is it okay for more than one person to share an account?
We discourage multiple people sharing an account. Because Scratch wasn’t designed with this use in mind, you are increasing your likelihood of seeing errors...
Fri, 16 юли, 2021 в 1:05 AM
What do I do if I can't log in with my password?
If you can't log into your account, try resetting your password. If you have a regular or Teacher Scratch account... You can request a password re...
Fri, 16 юли, 2021 в 1:05 AM
I didn't change my password, but I received an email about a password change request. What should I do?
If you received an email about a password reset request, then someone likely entered your username at https://scratch.mit.edu/accounts/password_reset/, whic...
Tue, 9 юни, 2020 в 7:00 PM
I never received a confirmation email. What do I do?
You can re-send a confirmation email under Account Settings > Email. There you could change the email address associated with your Scratch account, if de...
Wed, 6 май, 2020 в 9:58 AM
Как мога да проверя дали акаунтът ми е потвърден?
To check whether your account is confirmed, login to your Scratch account and go to the email settings page. Confirmed email addresses will show a small gre...
Mon, 18 май, 2020 в 7:39 AM
Как да променя своя имейл?
Login to your Scratch account, then visit our Email Settings page where you can change your email address. After changing your email address, you will need ...
Sat, 21 ноем, 2020 в 12:01 AM
Как да стана „утвърден потребител“?
When you create an account, you’ll be labelled as a “New Scratcher.” To make the transition to "Scratcher", you should make and share projects, co...
Mon, 18 май, 2020 в 7:39 AM
My account is banned. What should I do?
If your account is temporarily banned, you'll see a date and time when the ban is set to expire. Please do not reach out to the Scratch Team if this is ...
Mon, 18 май, 2020 в 7:39 AM
Мога ли да променя потребителското си име?
Here are a couple of things to know about usernames on Scratch: Scratchers can't change their own usernames The Scratch Team can, in very rare circum...
Sat, 3 юли, 2021 в 1:05 AM