Я случайно пожаловался на комментарий, проект, профиль или студию. Что я должен сделать?
Don't worry! If we find that reported content doesn't break the Community Guidelines, we won't remove it or send that Scratcher a notification. ...
Ср, 15 Июл, 2020 на 1:02 AM
Where did the feature to create a costume from the webcam go?
For safety reasons, the Scratch Team decided to remove this feature on May 13, 2021. The announcement and reasoning for this is available here.
Пт, 14 Май, 2021 на 1:05 AM
How can I join the Scratch Team?
If you're 18 or older, you can view our job listings at https://www.scratchfoundation.org/opportunities. We encourage you to apply for an open position ...
Сб, 4 Июн, 2022 на 1:05 AM